Boyd Smith and Jill Johnson Family - Gedcom
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Family Tree

All family members do not have the pedigree charts or anestrial information. Gedcom files are made available at the request from some of the family.

You may Download the PAF program free which will allow you to read and edit the Gedcom you get from the Family site. It is recommended you get the PAF 5 version.

Download PAF

You may also use RootsMagic or other pedigree programs that read GEDCOM file formats.

Your GEDCOM or PAF files are welcome making your other family branches available for viewing by the family members. Each submitted pedigree file is posted for your use in searching for your ancestors.

Right Click the Gedcom File to Download
Gedcom/PAF Name Submitted By Email LDS Data
Boyd and Jill.ged
Boyd and Jill.paf
Boyd Smith Yes

LDS Ordinances available by request. Click on the LDS Data Version link. Please include your Ward and Stake with your descendency in the email. The Gedcom file name is automatically in the subject line.

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