Boyd Smith and Jill Johnson Family
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Boyd and Jill

Boyd Charles Smith

Son of Boyd Carpenter Smith
Erma Parkinson Lloyd

Laura Jill Johnson

Daughter of Lund Aldridge Johnson and Laura Crawford Snow

Boyd and Jill

We are happy to have you visit our family Web Site. If you are related to the Boyd C. Smith and Jill Johnson family or their siblings, please register your family. We are in search of our relatives.

Registering will enter you to the family mailing and email list. This is the best way to track our family members. Your Registration is completely secure as it is not linked to the web site. You may only access it with a special URL available to the Family organiization. If you need access, provide your family relationship and you may be given access. This is done by email.

A Place for Family History

Our Family Web Site
As the family grows, we need a way to collect the family records in to one place. A Web site is the best solution where everyone can access the information. The family is now 3 generations and growing. It becomes harder to keep track of everyone.

As the older generation leaves, their stories become valuable to the younger family members. It is the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren that the information is for. They wonder what their ancestors were like. We still need to gather the stories of the older generation, as these stories and histories are being lost with the passing of each generation. If we do not write the stories of our parents and grandparents now, they may be lost to posterity forever. It is essential that you record these stories and send them in for the family benefit.

You are family if you share Boyd Carpenter Smith and Erma Parkinson Lloyd or Lund Aldridge Johnson and Laura Crawford Snow in your ancestry. This web site is for all of us. We invite the siblings of Boyd and Jill to join us in the use of this site. along with our many family members, and the resources that come from these records to their benefit as they see fit. I encourage all of us to share what we already have, and to share what we find. Hopefully, we will link ourselves together and feel a greater connection and sense of family in a larger scope.

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